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You're in the right place. Over the past 6 years of filming weddings, I've discovered that while growing your talent is important, it's also equally as important to develop an intentional and elevated client process as well. As wedding creatives, it's vital that we do life together. Welcome to the Film & Flourish community.

"Andrew is without question a thoughtful leader in the wedding video industry. Not only does he have extensive knowledge and experience— he has the heart of a mentor. "

Indiana Wedding Videographer

When I bring a pain point in my business to him, he doesn’t just give a generic easy-fix answer. He listens, seeks to understand, and then insightfully helps me discover the best solution. I truly don’t believe my business would be where it is without the mindset and values I’ve gained from Andrew’s mentorship

Breakout Sessions


01. Focused Solutions

A 60 or 120-minute Zoom/Facetime call where you get direct attention and care from me to listen to you and help with your business! The call will focus on everything from technical to business questions or one specific topic. 

60 minute call - $300
90 minute call - $400

Seat At The Table (SAT)

02. in person community

Let's grab coffee or lunch! In this half day session, we'll talk about all things weddings and develop a game plan for your business, covering everything from bookings and budgeting to filming and flourishing in this growing industry. This in-person interaction is more personal and breaks the barrier of online communication.


Legacy Building

03. Long-term growth

This is for the one who's all in, has goals and future plans, and intends to invest for the long game. This will give you direct access to EVERYTHING I do for my business. This is the ultimate membership offer. As long as I film weddings, you'll have access to new business strategies, contracts, organization and workflow tips and tricks, film reviews, how I email and text couples, and the LIST.GOES.ON.

This program is meant to foster a stronger sense of community and build relationships with other creatives in the industry. You will have access to a Facebook community group, weekly live stream videos where I answer questions live, and have open forum conversations where everyone can have a voice.

3 month subscription - $347
6 month subscription - $647
*(Best offer)* 12 month subscription - $997



A Preview for What's Ahead

The all-new ceremony mini course:

"I am new to filming, so learning straight from the best in the business was invaluable, as his knowledge on the subject is unparalleled."

Virginia Wedding Videographer

He even used the money from the workshop for a giveaway, which allowed me to buy higher quality equipment than I may not have been able to afford. Andrew is kind, generous, and always eager to lend a helping hand to anyone. He is so good at what he does and anyone that wants to take their business and skills to the next level should seek his guidance


Tools, tips, community

The Wedding Collective: Facebook Community

Connect. Create. Thrive. Join a unique community dedicated to building one another up, sharing ideas, and learning together.

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My Preferred Vendor List

Some of my favorite people to work alongside in the industry and I would highly recommend them to any one of my couples

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The Wedding Collective: Online Podcast

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Starting A Business (Legally)

Essentials you need to know on getting financially & legally legit!

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The Journey From Part Time To Full Time

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Building Vendor Relationships

4 ways to build deep relationships with fellow wedding professionals

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Some of My Favorite Episodes

The Wedding Collective Podcast

The Wedding Film Collective is a wedding filmmaking group dedicated to helping others grow their business and by instilling three core values: Connecting, creating, and thriving. This is a place where there's room at the table for conversations around building a better, stronger, and lasting business.


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An interactive mini-workshop on finding your ideal clients, and presenting your brand in a way that attracts them to you.

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